Concrete Small Pot

Ferm Ochre
Ferm Dark Grey
Ferm Light Grey

Arrange your plants in Ferm's minimalistic pots with geometric details.
The pots are made of concrete and are suitable for 
both indoor and outdoor use – available in six different size variations and three colors

This pot may be used both indoor and outdoor.

For indoor use, please pay attention to use only moist soil. The pot is not suitable for extremely wet soil and standing water caused by too much watering of the plant. In the worst case damages can happen to sensitive grounds/surfaces, like wooden floors etc.
For outdoor use in minus degrees, the pots cannot contain water.  We recommend turning the pot upside down, covered and slightly lifted from the ground.



  • Ochre- 6" Diam. x 4.25" H
  • Dark Grey- 7.75" Diam. x 3.25" H
  • Light Grey- 6.25" Diam. x 7" H
  • Material: Concrete

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