Go Love Seat

The Go collection was originally designed in 2006, but over the years we have continued to refine the appearance and function of all the pieces, as well as reduce the cost.  The Seattle Public Library literally has hundreds of pieces of GO that are used every day in one of the most unique architectural spaces on Earth. We don’t underestimate the importance of that.  If you are looking for something a jiff more contemporary, yet a bit less lounge, then the Go Collection will suit your space well.



  • 48.25"W x 26.75"D x 32"H (Love Seat)
  • 48.25"W x 26.75"D x 31"H (Love Rocker)
  • 100% recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) primarily from milk jugs (#2 plastics)
  • Will not warp, rot, require paint or stain or any ongoing maintenance
  • Loll furniture is shipped knocked down, flat-packed to save on costs and resources.
  • 3 Week Lead Time
  • Assembly Instructions

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