What’s New From Gus?

May 17, 2017

Style never stops moving, it grows and shifts quickly. What’s important is finding styles that will last, classic looks that are well made, and designed to age well. Our favorite aspect of Gus’ new line is just that.

Leather couches and sofas have become the token of a masculine space,
however they’re quite versatile. Gus released two bold, and very different looks.

The Embassy Sofa- This sofa conveys true classic mid-century style. This sofa is all about the details: the piping, the button-tufted tight back, and even the recessed solid wood base. The hides chosen were all picked for their unique and natural appearance. It’s available in three distinct colors-- Saddle Brown, Saddle Black, and Saddle Grey, all of which are designed to age well.


The Cabot Sofa- This sofa is bold and masculine-- think aged bourbon, a Cuban cigar, or a long hike in the mountains. It features a streamline tight back, with French seams. It too is available in three distinct colors.



For the first time, Gus Modern is selling rugs. Each has the ability to set the tone for your space.

The Element Rug- It’s about time that color blocking makes its way to the 21st century. Handcrafted in India, the Element is a high pile rug, hand tufted rug-- meaning making it was a labor of love, and you’ll feel the exquisite luxuriousness with every step. It’s available in two pallets.


The Avro Rug- Texture, texture, texture. This rug is rich in it, and wow is it nice to look at. The hand-knotted design deliberately creates subtle tonal differences.


The Hatch Rug- This rug is perfect for the minimalists among us. It’s low-profile without being understated. The abstract pattern catches your eye, and truly works from the ground up to tie your room together. It’s available in two color ways.  

Everything Else


Lecture Stool | Natural Ash

The Lecture Stool/Chair- Are a re-imagined version of classic elementary school chairs. Aside from the nostalgia, this design features one-piece bent plywood, and a functional leather and brass handle.

The Gallery Tray- Gus knows, the devil’s in the details. This tray is a decorative adornment to any table, ottoman, that will last past the summer season.


The Nova Stool- This new ottoman that can double as a stool is certainly a bright new addition. It’s available in two fabrics, Berkeley Mint, and Franz Indigo.