April 05, 2017

What’s that old saying? Foundations first. Remember, you can’t build something great on top of a weak foundation. Let’s think about a room like that-- foundations first. The foundation of your room should be a gorgeous and modern rug. It’s important that you choose the style that fits the statement you’re wanting to make.

Hand Knotted - This technique represents the most expensive, and artfully created rug type. Hand knotted rugs are created by craftsmen and weavers, and can take weeks to months.

Hand-Tufted - rugs introduced a pre-woven backing which also expedited the rug making process. It also allowed the material to be sheared to create new textures.

Flat Weave -  Flat Weave rugs are created by interlocking vertical and horizontal threads. European, and Oriental rugs have different names displaying not only their origins, but the long traditions that created their styles. Oriental Flat Weave rugs include; Kilim, soumak, or plain weave. European Flat weaves include: Venetian, Dutch, damask, list, haircloth, and ingrain.

Shag - The word “Shag” is derivative from the Scandinavian word for “beard,” which is fitting because they’re notable for their long nap texture. Their pile length generally means their design is simple. Creating this classic look requires one of three unique knots.  

Natural -  One natural and popular textile is jute. Jute is a long, strong, and soft vegetable fiber that can be spun into long coarse threads. Jute rugs are eco-friendly, and extremely durable.

Hide - Rugs that come from animal fur, or other direct natural sources. Our hide selection includes, sheepskin, cow hides, and wool.