Holiday Gift Guide 2017

November 23, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide 2017


Is gift giving a challenge for you every year? Do you find yourself last minute shopping for presents you know will fall flat when they’re unwrapped? Are you already behind on your shopping? Say “no more.” Break the cycle.

Our gift guide is intended to help you identify which gifts will suit your friends the best. We’ve picked four potential friends you’ll be shopping for this Holiday season.

The One Who Likes Everything “Comfy”

This friend is happiest in thick socks, a sweater, and lounging comfortably on the couch. If you do convince them to go out, they feel no shame wearing their puffiest jacket. For them, comfort is key.


Happy Habitat Throws-- These blankets are made at the intersection of comfort, and style. They’re decked out in the coolest, most hip patterns, and are designed to spice up any space. Comfy doesn’t have to mean boring.


Heather Bedding Collection-- Go big or go home. The Heather Bedding Collection is a gift for your cozy friend who you really love. As the name implies, the bedding is made from heathered fabrics that provide a variety of soft tones ushering in a deep and peaceful sleep.

The One Who Loves Their Drinks

This is your party animal friend. Think about it. You’ve never seen them without a drink in hand. It’s not an insult-- they’re the life of every party. This season, give them gifts that they will truly appreciate year around. (This is where it gets fun!)


Pop Candle--Your friend knows a stiff drink is always appreciated when Holiday stress hits in full force. Jonathan Adler created Pop Candles for this very reason. They’re a hangover free chance to indulge. Whether they drink woodsy Bourbon, bubbly Champagne, or colder than ice vodka, +Modern has an easy to wrap gift for them.

Copper Mugs-- Think practical when giving gifts. You have a lot of people to shop for, and at $15 each, these mugs will make it easy-- plus if you’re lucky they’ll be used to serve Moscow Mules for years to come.


STACT Wine Racks-- Sometimes, your friend needs a night off from the limelight of running the party, but that doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate a nice glass of wine. The STACT wine rack allows them to store, and display their wine in the most modern and convenient way.

The One With A Flare For Style

You’ve known this friend for years, and somehow they never repeat an outfit. They have a taste for the finer things in life. Their apartment is expertly decorated, matching the most recent trends, but staying truly classic. We’ll admit, this friend is by far the most difficult to shop for.


Jonathan Adler Vases-- Sometimes, small things pack a big punch. The Metallic Lantern Gourd Vase was designed to look like a Japanese Lantern, with stretched ceramics, only it was dipped in gold. The result is a shiny and eye grabbing vase your friend will swoon over. The Bel-Air Mini Scoop Vase on the other hand will appeal to your friend’s love for stylish surrealism. These scoop vases are available in six different colors, so you’ll be able to finetune your choice to fit them perfectly.



Liam Throw-- With just one touch, your friend will notice the luxury in this blanket. They’re made with 100% baby Alpaca wool, and are irresistibly soft, not to mention totally hypoallergenic, which means there’s no doubt that it’ll fit into your friend’s home.

The One With The Green Thumb

You envy this friend. Their loft is full of plants, and explain their collection by starting out with “Sooo I might have a plant problem!”


Ferm Living Pots-- True to Danish style, these pots are subtle and practical. They’re available in three colors ranging from a classic terracotta look, to a more modern deep gray.  They’re designed for indoor and outdoor use, so as the seasons change, so can their location. 


Gus* Fruit Trough-- This long stainless steel vessel will be the perfect addition to your friend’s loft. They’ll be able to fill it with succulents, or herbs, and place it wherever they like.