Four Fall Favorites

November 01, 2017

The arrival of Fall marks a special “crunch time,” for everybody. Red and yellow leaves will give way to the arrival of family members for Thanksgiving, and soon after, winter will bring the Holiday season in full force. Right now is the time to stop and think-- is my space ready?

Gus* Modern’s Spring 2018 has been released. The pieces in this collection are ones that will elevate your home for years to come. Each new piece brings a special touch of style that’ll help drive you to make a huge statement to your guests.


Wave Stool

This quirky-cool seat is a total catch. Picture this-- Thanksgiving Day; the sofa is full, and your team is about to kick-off. Where do you sit? Pick this streamlined stool that’s designed to mimic the most gentle of water currents. Move it to where you need it, and don’t miss a second of the game.


This chair is sophisticated, and definitely a bold new look. This bold nature comes from the combination of fluid curves, and tailored lines, that mimic ever fresh Scandinavian style. This chair attracts a special kind of person. At a family gathering, your cool cousin will choose the Hilary Chair.


Many family traditions center around lounging together on the couch, and watching a classic movie. Before you can watch Charlie Brown, It's a Wonderful Life, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, or even A Nightmare Before Christmas, ask yourself-- What is my TV sitting on? Does it allow for concealed cable management, or is it a tangled mess? The Myles Media Stand was designed not only to be an organizer, it was made to look good. The sleek dark wood, and rose gold hardware combination makes a quiet, classy statement.


This sofa is striking from every angle and the WOW piece you’ve been waiting for. It’s available in four distinct colors (List here). The loose cushions and slender arms provide maximum lounge area for your house guests. It also means you’ll have a place to sit back, and take a deep breath after everybody has gone.

The Spring collection also includes great updates on existing designs. The Jane Sofa is back, and bolder than ever in a two new colors-- Stockholm Cobalt and Bayview Silver. The Bedford Lounge also received a stylish update, it’s now available in Bayview Dandelion, an ultra soft cross hatch fabric.